This section covers a wide range of plumbing jobs from cutting bending and fixing copper pipe to solder and compression joints as well as dealing with air locks, blocked toilets and other plumbing emergencies.  There is practical advice on choosing and fitting baths, basins and showers plus taps and mixers.  Whether you want to carry out a temporary leak repair or install a new kitchen sink with all new waste pipes you'll find hints tips and advice to help

Tap section

In here you can find out how to fix some common problems with taps and how to fit them. Stop taps, outside taps and self cutting taps can also be found in here!


How to remove a basin fit a basin waste fitting and fit a new basin.

Water inlet Valves

How to repair and fit water inlet valves or ball valves. Etc…..

A toilet is a plumbing fixture and disposal system primarily intended for the disposal of the bodily wastes: urine and fecal matter. Additionally, vomit and menstrual waste are sometimes disposed of in toilets in Western societies. The word toilet describes the fixture and, especially in British English, the room containing the fixture. In American English, the latter is euphemistically called a restroom or bathroom.

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