Air conditioning


Improving the quality of your life

Whether you live in a 500 square foot apartment or a 5,000 square foot home, air conditioning and heating - often called a home comfort system - can improve the well being and quality of your life. Like its name implies, a central air conditioner works from a central location to distribute conditioned air throughout your house or building. What’s the difference between a home comfort system and a window or wall-mounted air conditioner? Window- or wall-mounted room air conditioners or portable heaters are designed to work in small areas. A central air conditioner and heater works with a forced air furnace or heat pump to deliver whole-building comfort.

Having Air Conditioning is almost a requirement in the New York area.  We can replacement Air Conditioning systems as well as service and repair most makes and models.  We will supply and install any brand of Air Conditioning equipment your interested in.  Our favorite brands are Lennox and York systems. We pride ourselves on supplying the best Air Conditioning Service to the New York community at the best price. We also repairs Air Conditioning equipment usually the same day you call.

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