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Your real estate inspectors will look for problems in all areas; signs of possible leaks, inappropriate plumbing materials, and areas that may have sewage backups.  We put the supply and sewer system under extreme conditions to see if the system will perform fully under those conditions. College Point Emergency Plumbing & Heating have walked through some trying times in the last years, but we continue to be committed to excellence. All of us have made and continue to make the tough decisions personally and in business to be successful. The very things that would destroy us are the very things that can make us strong. We have all had to “cut the fat” and run “lean”. Coming through adversity makes us all wiser and more efficient. It teaches us to “lose the weight” that makes our business or personal life less effective. None of us would choose the path of greatest resistance, but we are dedicated to do what it takes to move forward. Unfortunately some people have not been able to make those choices and it has cost them.

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