Plumbing installation


Plumbing installation work can be the most important part of a kitchen or bathroom installation. When you are improving or maintaining your home you sometimes will need to call upon the services of approved plumbers to assist with the difficult things that need professional assistance. Finding a qualified plumber who will charge a sensible fee for your bathroom or shower installation, and complete the work in your timescales can be very difficult.

You will need three fittings to create the new branch drainage line: a wye, a 45 degree fitting and a tee fitting. A wye is a plumbing fitting that allows a new drain line to branch from a stack at a 45 degree angle. The size of the wye fitting will match the diameter of your existing stack. I am confident it is either a 3 or 4 inch PVC stack. Let's assume it is a 4 inch diameter plumbing stack. In this case, you will need a 4 x 2 wye as I suggest a new 2-inch diameter stack for this new fixture. In addition you will need a 2 inch street 45 fitting and a 2 x 1.5 x 1.5 tee fitting.
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